Naked bike rides and the NSA

I love having friends from all different groups of people. I don’t mix them up though, EVER. I don’t tell my hippie friends about stuff from my NSA friends, and I don’t tell my uptight friends that I smoke weed, but I will talk about most anything with my NSA friends because, well, they probably already know. I just found out that one of my more conservative but nice acquaintances is a former U2 spy plane pilot, and how cool is that??? I love airplanes, even though I’m more into vintage and propeller driven aircraft. He did tell me one thing that I’ve been curious about for a while- the military phased out the names and art on airplanes after the Tailhook incident. It was decided that both were sexist and demeaning. Ah. That sucks, but it makes sense. And how sad to fly something called the Reaper instead of the Memphis Belle.

I know which crowd to invite for this one: The World Naked Bike Ride is being celebrated here in June, and I’m wondering if I have the balls to do it this year. I was thinking that if I was medicated to handle the crowds, and wearing something to cover up the important bits- maybe sequins and/or body paint, I could maybe do it. I will have to find my zen around the hot naked dudes because I decided that I will abstain from sex for 2014.  Phone sex doesn’t count. Especially if it wasn’t that great. Anyway…I wish all my friends would get on the dance floor, but I guess I’ll only be inviting the hippies. Like I learned the hard way: Fighter pilots don’t dance! Which really means-  uptight people can never relax enough to find their groove, as it’s not in their character. Tragic. I think it’s a character flaw that draws me to those types, wickedly hoping they’ll share a little “discipline” with me. Lmfao. Not this year! Since I won’t be dancing that way, here’s some infectious grooves for the playlist today…

Love to all


Mr. Saxobeat- Alexandra Stan
Dancing On My Own- Robyn
I Don’t Feel Like Dancing- Scissor Sisters
Superstitious- Stevie Wonder
Didn’t It Rain- Evelyn Freeman
Song Away- Hockey
Club Can’t Handle Me- Flo Rida Feat. David Guetta

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