There’s a song for that

I saw a policeman in the park today, as I was laboring up a steep section on my bike. It took me a minute to realize what, exactly, he was doing. It dawned on me that he and his friends were working on huge plastic tricycles that they were riding down the hill, and he was in costume. Damn I love it when people do wild, freaky, random things like that- it makes me feel kinda normal. The rear wheels were enormous on their trikes, they looked like adult sized Big Wheels, or something out of a cartoon. The hill is significant enough that I’d bet they got some good speed going- with deafening amounts of noise. It made me laugh, but I kept riding by without saying anything. Sometimes talking is just beyond me.

A woman in the park told me “Props for wearing a skirt on your mountain bike!” Lol, thank you! That was a really steep section, so it was extra satisfying to get style points. Personally, I feel like a skirt is brilliant for biking- it flutters and tickles beautifully, and it can be used for bandages or a tourniquet in a pinch, since I always wear shorts underneath. I carry a first aid kit too usually, because I have learned the value of being prepared for shit to go down hard and fast. Ambulance rides are expensive, but super glue, bandages, and gatorade are cheap and easy. Just sayin’.

My bike is too small for me (although I was told I should get a smaller frame for the technical stuff I used to bike on), and the front brake catches and drags a lot of the time. I figure that means I’m biking with some handicaps, and if/when I get the right gear, I will totally be able to kick ass. Maybe. I’ve been biking on the streets so much lately, I worry that I’m turning into a road weenie, but any biking is better than no biking. It’s phenomenal how much of a change it makes to my depression, thank goodness. I hate the waves of blue, but sometimes I can outrun them on my bicycle. If nothing else, the pain and exertion release the tension, the residual tears, and then the better chemicals that I need.

Love to all

You Look Like Rain- Morphine
Low Life- Roland Orzibal
You Should Be Mine- Jeffrey Osbourne
I Want To Break Free- Queen
Underneath The Radar- Underworld
Cash Machine- Hard-Fi
Lust For Life- Iggy Pop
Black Betty- Spiderbait

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