I do adore technology, but I’m frequently described as “retro” because I listen to the radio, still use an ipod, I have tons of cassette tapes, and I treasure my stacks of vinyl records. I think I even have an old 8 track rattling around somewhere. My computers are ancient, most of my equipment is outdated, and I had no intention of getting a damn smartphone for quite a while. My current phone is fantastic, indestructible, and super cheap, and I’ve had it for a long time. However. With the new job at the newspaper, it quickly became apparent that a lack of technology would leave me lagging behind.
I’m finally surrendering to the technological wave- it really was only a matter of time. Now I have to decide: keep my old phone number, or shed it? I think I might be ready, even though it’s going to be a major pain in the ass to change my number everywhere.
And yes, I’m totally getting one of those phone covers that looks like a cassette tape. It’s good to hold on to some things from the past, and I don’t mind being retro. Sometimes low tech works when nothing else does.
Love to all

Note the Brandenburg Concertos right next to Rage Against The Machine 🙂

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