Snow in the summertime


Last night I went for a late stroll to get over my stressful day, and again walked by a cute cabinet full of free pottery. The artist left a slot for donations, and I had put a few dollars in last week without taking anything. Last night he was out arranging it, so I introduced myself and told him how much I loved the concept. He was so pleased that he insisted that I take a piece. I had been scoping out this one because I love winter, love the snow, and it’s a beautiful thing to contemplate on a hot summer night. It was a lovely end to the day; some exercise, some art, and meeting a random artist. Yay!

Everything Chopin ever composed, Vivaldi as well
Dangerous- Big Data
Rain In The Summertime- The Alarm
Call To Your Heart- Giuffria
Nikita- Elton John

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  1. This is so lovely! What a brilliant story. 🙂 x


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