Paying chicken soup forward

My wonderful, beautiful, genius girlfriend handed me an envelope this morning. In it was an incredibly touching note that thanked me for giving her exactly what she needed, right when she needed it. She had tucked a chunk of money in there as well. Oh my goodness. HOLY SHIT!!!

Really what happened is this: She started her own business, it’s been slow getting it off the ground. We were in Trader Joe’s one afternoon, and I randomly handed her $20 because I knew she was struggling and she’s a fantastic woman and one of my best friends. I wasn’t sure if I should (socially kinda awkward), but I knew without even asking that she could use it. She used that tiny bit of money to shop creatively for the supplies she needed to make a bunch of her costumes which then went to an event, sold, and made a bunch of money (she’s a talented designer, and they’re expensive and worth every penny).

Yay! That’s exactly how life is supposed to work. People helping each other, threads intertwined and making a giant, bad ass tapestry- one that hopefully spells out something super pithy and wise from some precise vantage point in space. I feel like my friend is one of those people who just gets it, and I am delighted beyond words that I was able to help her. I love that whole “pay it forward” concept, it’s a wonderful thing to put into motion and see it reverberate around. I combine two things: Pay it Forward, and the Chicken Soup For The Soul concept. I guess that means I’m paying chicken soup forward, lol. It sure came back in a beautiful way today.


Fabulous- Dr. Theopolis

Here’s Some Love- Tanya Tucker
Thunder Clatter- Wild Cub

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