Versions of happiness

Ummm, so I made a strategic error yesterday. I biked to work, but I was in a hurry and forgot to put on underwear beneath my shorts, and OMG. Not having that extra layer of fabric meant that a lovely bike ride in the sunshine became crazy erotic torture. All of a sudden I was really really happy and I could completely understand why people bike hundreds of miles a day.

It’s the supermoon tonight, and I don’t even care to look. It seems like an image of the magic and wonder that has all but disappeared from my life. I’m still not ready to let it go, even though it’s like trying to hold on to a ghost.
A wave of sad hit me as I was walking away from the river, and It’s nothing I can do anything about. Funny how the universe keeps putting reminders in my path- like I need them to know exactly how big of mistakes I’ve made. Yup, I’m well aware, thank you. I’ll just be over here, biking alone in the damn wilderness and praying that things will keep getting better. On a good note, I can always tell when my depression is lifting because my hair is getting long again. I’m not currently compelled to keep chopping my hair off like I do when I get crashed out sad.

Love to all

Ghost Town- Cheap Trick
Walking With The Ghost- Tegan And Sara
Bicycle Race- Queen

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