Don’t do it

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use my issues to hide, distract, or outright lie about their behavior. I have a well-documented history of mental illness, but that doesn’t mean that I’m stupid or that I have hallucinations, thank you very much. My level of mental clarity and awareness have been documented down to the hour (the biproduct of therapy). I’ve also had every psych test ever, and a whole bunch of IQ tests. But let me clear it up for the troglodytes out there:
Having a mental illness does not mean that you are delusional (there is a small percentage who are, what a heartbreaking reality that is). It does not make it ok to take advantage. It’s less ok when you use your lack of a label to do shit like that, because it shows that you will prey on what you perceive as weak, but are really just emotionally vulnerable- big difference. Perhaps it makes you a good hunter, but it makes you a dangerous asshole, and not fit to be around.
Maybe I am “crazy” as fuck, totally bipolar, hopeless for a zillion reasons. Fuck you, I work my ass off to do the best I can for me and my communities, given my circumstances. Take care of your own shit, and stop projecting your issues.
I battle depression but I have a brain that sees reality. Too well. More than that, I have a troublesome lack of inhibitions, and I will embarrass us both if I have to call you on your shit. That’s what just happened with my stupid roommate, who has been tearing me down for a while. When I called her on it, she took immense pleasure in pulling the power play and yanking the rug out. I guess that’s a lot easier than facing your own issues- like why you are drinking so much and sitting on the couch all day getting fatter. Sorry if my life seems like a personal affront to you, but it’s really none of your business, and quit tearing people down to make yourself feel better!!! GRRRRR

Crap, I just think my reality is better- there’s way more dance floors, peace, and dinner for everybody.

Rant over.

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2 Responses to Don’t do it

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    I’m sorry that happened. I hhate it when people make out that you’ve got all the problems, when they’ve got plenty of their own. And they make you feel like shit, while they smile smugly thinking their it. Glad you called her out on it. X


    • Thank you for the comment; I’m sure lots of people experience versions of this all the time. It sucks every time. Everyone’s got something, and everyone can use some human consideration and respect. xo


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