Walking in the woods

Hiking up something tall and steep always makes me feel better. My friend and I took her kids out on a gnarly trail today. She chose a mountain archaeological site; the location of spirit quests for Native Americans. They go seek their spirit guide on this mountain, and spend all night up there hauling rocks around. The view from the top was magnificent- you can feel and see exactly why it’s been such a powerful place since prehistoric times. 

We were all stressed out on the way there- the kids had a bunch of meltdowns, and the hike up was challenging. Then we came out on top, and everyone’s mood changed like magic. The energy up there was clear, pure, beautiful. It was an inspiring way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. I feel much better; recharged and ready. I bet I will have intense dreams tonight.

Love to all




She’s A Beauty- The Tubes
Stolen Dance- Milky Chance
Elongo- Bedouin Soundclash

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