Cake ninja

The potluck theme tonight was “ninja”, so there was a weird combination of food. Lots of rice dishes, Chinese food, and pizza (??), which I didn’t understand at all, but appreciated nonetheless. I worked late at the newspaper, so I defaulted back to what I bring when I can’t think of anything or don’t have time to cook: cake. Dark chocolate cake covered in fudge icing, without the little ninja dude that was supposed to go on it but which I left at home. It got a round of cheers anyway, and that was before I brought out the cupcakes and brownies.

I laughed when a sweet little Kawasaki Ninja swept by me today. I got rid of my Ninja years ago, and have regretted it ever since. It was too small, not enough power at all, but I loved it. I got it for a 100 bucks in college, and I used to ride it on the country roads out through the wheat fields. Blue skies, perfect golden rolling hills, no one around for miles. That bike was so tiny and agile (compared to the massive Honda Gold Wing I learned on), it was amazing. One of these days I’m going to get another motorcycle, preferably one that will be both on and off road-worthy, with lots of power, and with a full set of body armor/ custom leathers that my designer friend has already offered to make. Might as well get style points for the inevitable bouncing off the pavement. Like the staff in the ER always used to say: “104% of riders get in accidents”.

The potluck theme next week is “flowers”, so I’m guessing that most everything will be plant based. Borrrrrring. I think that I’ll be a smart ass and make flowers out of things like steak and bacon. Or- given my schedule these days, it might be another decadent cake, covered in icing flowers. Play to your strengths, is what they say. I do a lot of other things, but I always come back to cake. Life is incredibly short, and a little bit of sweetness can help a lot.

Love and good food to all

Goodnight Moon- Shivaree
What I Wouldn’t Do- Serena Ryder
Magic- The Cars

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