Naked rant- R rated

I’ve completely had it with how uptight humans are about nudity. Why the hell do so many people freak out over how we do or don’t cover up our bodies? It’s mainly women that get the brunt of it, and I realized why yesterday: Women are often considered property- of a father, a husband, or certain predatory men who don’t respect boundaries.
I’m no one’s property, and I want the freedom that men have, that they use violence to take from us. Sexual assault, rape, harassment, torture, death; these are all things I’ve been threatened with by men because I wouldn’t consent to doing what they wanted. It’s disgusting, and it’s even worse that they blame it on us. If you can’t control yourself, that’s your problem; don’t make it mine.

Bodies are just bodies, and everyone is beautiful with their own spark of the divine in them. Get the hell over your uptight brainwashed issues with nudity. Our physical forms are amazing, just be grateful that you have one, don’t demand mine, don’t expect that you have any rights whatsoever over my body, and we’ll be fine. I love my physical form, and I’m not accepting the slut shaming EVER AGAIN. I am a whole human with biological needs, just like every other normal human on the planet. If you can’t deal with that, seek professional therapy.


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5 Responses to Naked rant- R rated

  1. Brave! Truthful! Inspiring! xxx


  2. Diana Pitaru says:

    I think this is an issue that goes much deeper than the fact that women are even today viewed as property and are often objectified. It runs deeper in that it’s cultural. I often amuse myself when I hear comments in the media and even around about how nudity is something that Europeans do. I won’t go into an us-vs-them type of argument however I do see the difference in mentality about nudity and comfort (or lack of) with the human body between the two continents. Good for you for being comfortable in your own skin and not subscribing to “society’s” expectations. Nobody ever won in meeting them 🙂


    • I agree with you that it’s cultural- sometimes it seems genetic for people. I would like to be a catalyst for change, and how cool that I can attempt to do that just by running around naked. It’s been really hard to learn to be comfortable with nudity since I’m generally pretty shy and private, and I was raised fairly strict with a lot of religion. Now I encourage lots of people to try it, it’s very freeing. Thanks for sending me your comments, I appreciate the extra perspective!


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