New love

The thing about getting better gear, is that I now want to push it harder and faster than I previously could. Emergency room visits are expensive, and so are ambulance rides, so I have to practice self-discipline. Let’s just call that challenging.
It still needs work, but it’s much better now. My friend’s kids helped with a layer of glitter, and there will be glow in the dark paint involved, but I love it already. No labels, which I hate, and a little messy so no one will mess with it. It feels like a rolling starry night, and I think I even kind of like the disc brakes, which I’ve never had on a bike before. It’s heavenly to have front shocks again, never mind full suspension. I want to go bike the mountain in the dark, even though it sounds like a Darwin award in the making.

You Can’t Run From Love- Eddie Rabbit
Love Will Turn You Around- Kenny Rogers
If You Came Back From Heaven- Lorrie Morgan


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