Love ambassador

I can live without most things, but tea is not one of them. I love that there’s a mix for every ailment, every mood, every different moment of life. I feel pretty passionate about coffee, especially first thing in the morning, but tea…it’s a whole different kind of passion.

When I was shopping for tea this afternoon, the lady in front of me was rather rude, so when her order rang up, I gave the clerk an awesome coupon that I couldn’t use, and the results were hilarious. The grumpy lady was all shocked and smiling, and even the clerk broke a smile. Yay. I may look like a stupid ignorant white girl in your international store, but I am an ambassador of love πŸ™‚
Wish I could do more, and spread that kind of behavior, but damn, people love to crush, mock, destroy. Clearly they haven’t had enough tea- or enough love.

Damn, I sound all woowoo. It’s because I hung out with the hippies, and they helped me find my hope and artistic faith again. Phew.


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