Don’t make me dream about you

Once in a while I have one of those nights where I know it’s useless trying to sleep. A shrink would tell you that it’s because of all those years when it wasn’t safe to sleep, and how that eventually turned into a sleep disorder and blah blah blah. It doesn’t matter why really, because the end result sucks no matter what the cause is. I know it would be better to at least lie down and rest. But there was no chance in hell of turning off my brain tonight and since the house was empty, I went with it.
Instead of wasting time in bed, I said hello to that old familiar feeling of exhaustion, and starting digging through old boxes of tapes. I have a zillion tapes, left over from when I was self-medicating with music, and I was friends with the night DJ at the local radio station who hooked us up with giant stacks of tapes. I have a ridiculous number of albums on cassette. I’m reminded of this every time I move, and I have to haul that heavy plastic shit around. Then I remember the unreal collection of music that I have, and it makes me happy all over again. I know I can find it all online these days, but it’s not the same. Besides, how many people have the homemade mixed tapes and, OMG, cassette singles?

Crap, I’m exhausted, but too jumpy and scared to try and sleep. Maybe when the sun finally comes up I’ll be able to slip into slumber. Nights like this, I really miss the dog, and his built-in alarm system.

Here Comes The Sun- Nina Simone
Tremble- Animotion
What Kind Of Love- Rodney Crowell
One More Town- The Kingston Trio
Not A Moment Too Soon- Tim McGraw
Leona- Sawyer Brown
The Way To Your Heart- Soul Sister
Four In The Morning- Night Ranger
Don’t Make Me Dream About You- Chris Isaak
Yeah Yeah Yeah- Judson Spence
Don’t Take Away My Heaven- Aaron Neville
Good For Your Soul- Oingo Boingo


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