Soooooo close

I only have a few dozen posts showing, but I have over 350 that I posted and then hid later (they weren’t that good). Now, all told, I’m up to 391 and I really want to make it to 400 asap. Prepare for some extraneous silliness. I attempt to be witty, intelligent, pertinent, but it rarely works out as smoothly as I would like. It’s more like, “OMG, shit’s totally fucked up in the world right now and I’m a mess too, but will art or cake help?”

Speaking of insanity, I finally came right out and asked the Navy base if it was true, if you really lose your top secret clearance if you even request mental health services for anything other than marital issues. They didn’t respond, nor did I expect them to. I just figure that sometimes it might take a “crazy” person to ask the difficult questions, or address the shitty issues that no one wants to talk about. I am fine with embarrassing myself if it helps to get the conversation going. It makes me sick to my stomach to see the numbers of military shootings and suicides. I’m sure that pushing the warm and fuzzy agenda puts me at risk, but I keep hoping that there are more good people out there who care and want things to improve.

Quote of the day: Patience isn’t a virture, it’s the virture.

No You Girls- Franz Ferdinand
Take A Chance On Me- Abba
She’s A Lady- Tom Jones

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