Out of the dark

I’ve said it before, but given how many ignorant apes there are out there, I’m going to say it again: Women are humans too. It may seem shocking, but women can enjoy sex and want to have sex. Sometimes we really want it. It doesn’t mean we’re a slut, or for sale, or that you should take advantage any way you can. Treat everyone like you want to be treated, and don’t be an asshole! HFS, I can’t believe we even have to say these things- what year is it again? Sometimes it feels like we’re still in the dark ages.
I have really strong feelings about this, because it took years of therapy and hundreds of hours of work to reclaim my sexuality after I was abused for so many years. Unfortunately, millions of women have similar stories. I want it to stop with our generation, so that the next one doesn’t have to deal with this stupid hell. I want the next generation to have different things to deal with, like: what color should we paint our spaceships?
Love to all, even the ignorant dicks, of which there are way too many.

Hard Out Here- Lily Allen
Tonight She Comes- The Cars
I Touch Myself- Divinyls

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