Chemical combinations

I missed deadline today, but my editor was very cool about it. I’m so exhausted that I can barely keep my eyes open. I took the best nap ever, and then dragged my sleepy ass out of bed. Days of panic attacks, and working new job #3, plus stupidly smoking again- I don’t feel so fabulous.

I think living out in all the green space will be wonderful. Inconvenient, but wonderful. I’m looking forward to house projects, lots of gardening space, and chill housemates who are more into tea than alcohol. It will be good to live with other creative types who understand the 3am muse calling. I’ve lived with all different types of people, and being surrounded by artists and/or scientists is my absolute favorite. I miss living with my sister- she worked for NASA and still understands the value of art. She encouraged her physics class to decorate their rockets however they wanted, including pink sparkly. Lol, that’s exactly it. I will be living with musicians and a sculptor- how cool is that? I want to do big metal sculptures, so that’s like a sign from the gods.

Omg, I just figured out how to do my cobb cake sculpture- three stacked tiers, with sculptured metal railings that also look like decorations on the cake, with planter boxes full of draping, fuzzy white and green herbs. Perfect!

Someday I will get a full night’s sleep again, and it will be glorious beyond words. After long enough of sustained panic attacks, physiological deterioration kicks in, and then depression gets worse. Must. stay. calm!!!! The weather sucks and I’ve been too tired to get exercise, so I have to eat really healthy or the crash will be awful. It’s like flying sometimes, engines stalling and dropping out of the sky like a brick, hoping I can get things fired up in time to do a last minute swoop away from the messy crash. Fingers crossed.

Getting Away With It- Electronic
Ramiro’s Theme- Buscemi
Bollywood Swing King- Buscemi
It’s A Heartache- Bonnie Tyler
Rev It Up- Jerry Harrison
Jane’s Getting Serious- Jon Astley
Only When I Lose Myself (Gus Gus Remix)- DM

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4 Responses to Chemical combinations

  1. nobody says:

    I’m not a pink or sparkly kind of person, but pink sparkly rockets sound awesome. In my seventh grade science class, we built and launched model rockets. I put a Starfleet logo on mine with Sharpies. (Alas, I’m not at all an artist, so it was rather lopsided.)

    I hope the new living situation is a good thing for you. You’re right–it sounds like it will be good to live with other people who get it.


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