I worry about you

I know a lot of people would disagree with me on this, often violently. But I worry about people who are too religious, especially if they claim to have a personal relationship with a deity or savior or prophet. It smacks too much of mental illness- the speaking to someone who isn’t there. I was raised very conservative Episcopal, and I’ve spent time in psych wards, and they often look very similar. Both lock you in or out, depending on your state of mind.

I have a lot of faith, but I don’t talk about religion. I think it’s important to believe in something greater than yourself, and work towards the greater good. But all of it is a human construct, with no way to know for certain about any higher power. Evidence is murky, everyone argues about it, and there’s no way for the human brain to truly know- no matter what people claim. I don’t know, and you don’t either, but let’s live by the golden rule and try to make everything fabulous.

I Worry About You- Rush
The Golden Path- Chemical Brothers

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3 Responses to I worry about you

  1. I really identify with this post. I was raised Evangelical Christian and used to think I heard the voice of God or saw Jesus. Now I’m wondering whether that was a symptom of bipolar disorder- my psychologist agrees with me, she thinks it fits the patterns of grandiose thinking. I do worry about anyone who belongs to any religion, with Christianity at the top of the pole, because I was damaged so badly by religion and I would hate for anyone else to go the same way as me. x


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