Leave your boots on

Everything’s changing again, and I feel hyper and naughty. ANd let’s just say again- it’s ironic that I tend to go for the uptight dudes. They seem like a challenge, but ultimately they aren’t capable of understanding or appreciating a cray cray artist like me. And I  have to remind myself not to push their boundaries too much. That kind of rigid thinking doesn’t bend, but it sure snaps back. I suppose if you’re into it, that type of guy is frequently into spankings and things like that. I don’t find spanking to be sexy at all, and sometimes it just makes me cry- total sexual buzz kill.

I noticed that I had another religious group start following me. There’s nothing I fear more than people who are self-righteous based on their religion- they are way more likely to attack over opposing beliefs. And I definitely have a few of those. Let’s talk about a woman’s right to choose whatever the hell she wants? …and I want a new lover. Naughty but vanilla, alpha but compassionate. Like my hyper nurse extreme sports ex, but with more compassion and caring for humanity.  Mmmmm, and very good with his hands- It’s been almost a year now, and I’m completely touch deprived. And that didn’t even count last year, since he turned out to be so lame. It doesn’t count if you leave your boots on either. Sooooo it’s been way too long. Dear universe: send me a delightful, delicious new companion, and help me not fuck it up.

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