Gypsy 42

Oh no, I just realized that my birthday is seriously imminent. Since I’m turning such a glorious number, I feel like I should do something epic and momentous to celebrate, but secretly. I suppose I should also do things with friends, because it’s good to celebrate, and god knows it’s been a hard fought battle to make it this far. I never wish to be younger, never miss those days or years. I miss people or places, and love my crazy list of experiences/random accomplishments. Some of it has been freakin awesome. Biplane ride, hangliding, kayaking, mountain biking, the opera, working in the ER, Italy, education, all those wonderful dudes and a few delicious women…yup, lots of fun.

On my birthday, for as long as I can remember, I wish for wisdom and true love (for everything, not just the pop culture version). I think I might have a tiny bit of the former, and glimpses of the latter. But at least by god/goddess/FSM, there will be cake. I’ve never done it, perhaps this year I need to smear myself with gobs of cake and icing, and call it performance art or burlesque or something. I think a massive sugar rush right now could give me the manic energy I need to move all my shit. I have to say- of course I got bibliophilia, because that’s so convenient for my gypsy lifestyle. Ooooo, perfect song of the day- overplayed on easy listening stations everywhere…


Gypsy- Fleetwood Mac

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  1. 18mitzvot says:

    Happy birthday, Scorpio!


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