A century of silence

It kind of makes me laugh to think of my ex running away with his tail between his legs. What an idiot. He sure felt he was superior, and I was merely the unstable crazy woman. Ugh, I had terrible taste with that one. The funny thing about people who have a long history of having it easy? They often seem to think it’s a sign of their inherent genetic or moral superiority or some stupid shit, but I think it can be a terminal weakness. Have you not read The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyville??? Everyone knows that tests make you stronger…which is partly why I am so irresistibly drawn to military dudes- besides the obvious virile yumminess. I appreciate people who have been through shit, worked hard for a common good, and who understand the value and fragility of human existence. I am merely an artist who has strong emotional responses to things. I am still stunned at how awful he treated me- completely inhuman. But then, it was my bad for not listening when he told me he didn’t have empathy for other people.

The new dude texted me; I’m excited that I get some play time. Even though he’s been married 4 times, spent a lot of time in war zones and calls himself “Mongo”, he makes me laugh and he’s damn good with his hands- clearly he’s also spent a lot of time learning how to truly pleasure a partner- an invaluable quality. I don’t see us talking about the news or anything intellectual, but then, I don’t really feel too much like talking. I need orgasms and giggling and some cuddle time, not necessarily in that order.

New Girl Now- Honeymoon Suite
Rubberband Girl- Kate Bush

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