NaNoWriMo 2014

I registered my NaNoWriMo novel for this year!!!!! It’s on now! Sometimes when I start a new project, I get a rush like jumping out of an airplane- that first few seconds when your body goes into wtf-shock. Yeeeehawww (I’m stealing that word from the rednecks, because it also perfectly encapsulates the glory of clearing all four tires).

I feel like writing dangerously, scandalously. The cover is starting to morph into shape, the optional illustrations beginning to coalesce in my consciousness. I see this novel coming into being more easily now. But one never knows what might come up- my life is unfortunately sometimes a little too exciting, so I’m jumpy even when things are calm. Which they aren’t yet.

Things have definitely taken an interesting turn in the last two days. And OMG I am so grateful for the inspiration and blast of hope that came to me right when I needed it. Thank god for the abundance of incredible women in my life.  There are mentors and teachers all around, and how perfect that I start to bond with some lovely new ones on my birthday- the day I always wish for wisdom. I am now ready to let loose with the proverbial explosion of creative energy. Dammit, too bad I have to work and deal with so many tedious details.

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