How’s your support system?

I know he loves me, and when he called saying he needed help, I came running. I was tired, bleeding, and really looking forward to a night of writing. I couldn’t resist the call though. He’s been there for me when I was crashing hard,  a strong and steady shoulder to cry on. Now his best friend of 40 years just died, and like most men, he has a difficult time processing emotions. He needed a hug and to know that someone cared enough to hang with him.

Sometimes it’s all about having somebody there, and it doesn’t matter what they’re doing. I think there’s even a meme circulating FB about what to do when someone has depression. You don’t try to talk them out of it, you don’t argue why they can’t get out of bed; you climb under the covers with them if you can, just to give human support and acknowledgement of their suffering. When I crash, I really just need a babysitter to keep me company until the feeling passes. It’s what my friends and family have done for me, and it’s just what you do when you love someone; you drop everything and do what you can to help.

I’m so grateful that I learned this lesson early; that you need to spend a lot of time and energy on the most worthwhile of tasks- building a strong support system outside of family. No matter what your family is like, you have to build connections everywhere you can. Because no matter how strong  and powerful anyone is, we are all only as strong as the community around us- the community we help create.

Love to all


Lay Low- Josh Turner
Cry For Help- Rick Astley
Halo- DM

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