Shot to the heart

In a funny touch of irony, I seem to now be on the mailing list for Field and Stream, and the NRA. I’m sure it’s because I went skeet shooting with the Roofers when I was in the union. They do a fundraiser every year, and they had an open spot, and now I’m on some damn list. I think guns are fun for target practice, but I don’t approve of them otherwise. I’m a pretty decent shot though. I grew up around guns, I was taught to shoot them, clean them, treat them with caution and respect. It’s ironic that I was told that I was no longer allowed to own one.

Even though I’ve owned one in the past, and never used one for anything but target practice…when I attempted suicide on the island, they involuntarily committed me, then told me they wouldn’t let me out until I signed a piece of paper. Then they told me I no longer had the right to own a gun. Not that I would anyway; guns are for cowards and bullies. However, it’s not right that they forced me like that, especially since they knew I’ve never been violent, and my attempt was a peaceful method. They knew I wouldn’t have a chance in hell to argue or fight it in any way. I’ve wished I could win the lottery so I could fight that particular injustice, just so it’s off my record. It’s humiliating, and sets me up to have to deal with even more prejudice. And so much for attending the FBI Citizen’s Academy- that pretty much shot that opportunity to hell and I really wanted to go- it would have been primo writing material. Dammit.


Lay Low- Josh Turner

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