Where are you sleeping tonight?

It’s gotten so abruptly cold here that the Red Cross has opened warming centers already. It hurts my soul to think of people outside in this weather. I mean, it’s not blizzarding and snowy, but the icy rain penetrates everything, and then freezes. Knowing what a large number of vets are on the street tonight just makes me even more motivated to help where I can. It infuriates me that we don’t take care of our people- no one is disposable and everyone is needed and necessary. So tonight, while everyone else is climbing into their warm safe beds, I’m going out to help staff a warming shelter. Because every day I’m still here is a Christmas miracle. Because so many people have helped me along the way. Because I can.

I don’t need sleep- I’m used to not getting it anyway. I was planning to do NaNoWriMo until late tonight, but that will have to wait as well.  Some things are important enough to blow everything else off for. It’s a tiny thing really, and it will be lost to the fullness of time, but I’ll say it again: It’s like dropping pebbles in a pond, and hoping the ripples spread. Hatred, fear, violence- they all cover the world in darkness and despair, but it only takes one little light to light up the dark.  And when I feel at my worst, filled with depression, loneliness, despair- that’s when I work the hardest to send good energy out there. My life is  messy, agonizing, and frequently disastrous- it would be nice if I could help someone else, even in some tiny little way.

And blessings to all my sisters everywhere and the Goddess Quan-Yin, for inspiring me with the strength to go on when I think I can’t possibly make it.

Shadow Of The Day- Linkin Park
Praying For Time- George Michael
Let Your Love Flow- Bellamy Brothers

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