We interrupt this broadcast…

I’m a casual member of the local ARES group (which stands for amateur radio emergency services) and I got a couple of alarming messages tonight. They were alerts sent out from the USGS in D.C., warning of increased local volcanic activity and  the likelihood of an eruption of “unknown intensity”.  They were asking for operators to get ready. I told my roommates, who were alarmed and a little amused, but none of us really freak out since you can never know what natural disasters could happen on our planet. We do live in a geologically active area on the Pacific ring of fire, so it’s not terribly surprising. Then I went to read the messages again, and noticed a couple of words that my ADD/speed reading brain had missed: “exercise” and “drill”. Oops. They laughed their asses off when I told them.

Ring of Fire- Johnny Cash
Fire Woman- The Cult
Talking Loud and Clear- OMD

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