Lightning bolts

Yikes, I think I just got a gig as a DJ, and I haven’t played anything besides a jukebox since I left college radio. All those records that are just sitting there gathering dust. I think I can see dressing in something sparkly and spinning some old vinyl. My specialty looks like it will be obscure 80’s, pop 80’s, and maybe some disco and a little funk.

I’m just going to repeat this over and over: I’m so grateful for the amazing people around me who help me get and keep my shit together. I love that I have friends that will tell me the honest truth, and not just placate or focus on the pretty aspects of life. Some truths are hard to hear, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hear them- those are often the ones we need to hear the most.  Wahoo, I feel so much better now, like a bolt of lightning just shot through and charged me up.

Love to all


Silver, Blue, and Gold- Bad Company
Purple, Yellow, Red, & Blue- Portugal The Man

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