Running through the gray

Winter weather means I will soon have to switch to the boring but dependable treadmill. I appreciate them, but there’s nothing like an outdoor run. I’m learning to love the steep hills around my house; you are either going up or down something steep, and it’s great training. I’m always amazed that I can go farther than I think I can.

Despite the rain and gray skies, it’s remarkably warm and pleasant here, and I feel great today. Ate healthy, did my run and stretching, going to see a fantastic art show, and then happy hour with a gorgeous woman that I used to work with when I was roofing. I can tell she has big news, not all happy and I am so glad she sought me out. May I have strength and wisdom to help the best way possible.

Yay for the 45 minutes of happy chemicals that come out after exercise. Sometimes I really miss that about roofing- I was getting paid to exercise all day. It was the heights and the hot petroleum products that didn’t work for me, lol. Oh yeah, and the sexual harassment was stunning and off the hook- it made me worry about humanity. My fear of heights is manageable and much better now, but damn, that was a crazy off the wall career choice, even for me. Feet on the ground is much better. One of those psych labels perfectly encapsulates why I have such a hard time staying grounded. Exercise helps soooooooo much.

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