Gratitude part 2

I’m also grateful for lavender, sweater tights, gingerbread, delicious food, wine, dinner with friends, good equipment, stretching, sparkling cider with pomegranate, curry, Bach, glitter, apricot oil, sewing machines, USB cords, cell phones, swimming in clear mountain lakes, nude beaches, Club Sesso, Powell’s Books, blank journals, light boxes, artists, scientists, gravity, hope, hops, fruit, old vinyl records, jukeboxes, radio, dresses, volunteer work.

Most of all, I’m thankful to still be here, and doing pretty well, all things considered. I never thought I would make it this far- I’m not even sure how I’ve managed to, but that brings me to another list of gratitude: I’m grateful for the medical personnel that saved me. And for the friends and part of my family who gave me the encouragement to start to rebuild and truly live again. Yay.

Love to all


Out On The Street- Spanish Gold
Do You Love Me- Guster
Thunder Clatter- Wild Cub

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