Fleeting moments

I think I got what has to be the funniest compliment ever- for me anyway. I was out and about in the city today, and at one point I bent over to get a newspaper out of a sidewalk stand. As I did, I noticed a man coming towards me. Since pretty much all men make me nervous, I have a habit of initiating contact to preemptively reduce any social tension. So I said “Thanks for bringing out the sunshine”- because it had just broken through the clouds.

His response was “Your ass brought the sunshine out” and he gave me a big smile and kept walking. What a socially awkward and funny moment. Thanks random dude!

Later I walked by a man eating alone in a restaurant downtown. I was feeling fierce and my expression reflected that, I’m sure. He looked so lonely and sad when our eyes met through the glass. I looked away instantly, then wished I hadn’t. I went back later with the intention of at least smiling at him- I had a notebook to write a note of random happiness, but he was already gone. It was in the older part of town with a high homeless population, and he looked like he was struggling. I wish I had stopped and made contact the first time.

What a weird and random collection of moments life can be. From glorious to tragic, and everything in between, but always moving fast, with no rewinding.

Love to all

Speed Of Light- OMD
Burn It Down- Linkin Park

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  1. Hahahaha!!!
    Run with it!!!
    Nice ass! Keep up the good work!!! šŸ™‚


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