Full moon rising

The dude is flying in from a war zone to see me, and I think I need to feed him something delicious and stock him up on fun and relaxing times. I’m actually pretty surprised that he’s coming; the last time I saw him was in 2006. It was awkward then, even with his hot leather motorcycle look and sexy British accent. I’m curious to see what has changed with him.

I’m telling myself that I hope the dude doesn’t expect sex just because he’s flying halfway around the world. But really, it’s been over a year since I had sex and I am so beyond ready, it’s not even funny. I keep hoping someone awesome will swoop in and stake a long term romantic claim, but it hasn’t happened that way in a long time. I honestly don’t see it happening with this dude either, but I’m positive he’d be willing to play and maybe…lend a hand to a woman in desperate need. Insert a wicked laugh here.


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