Never bored

It was worth the sleep deprivation to get there. I love airports, and we ended up meeting his flight in Seattle and then walking around the fabulous part of town in the moonlight. He’s delightful, and oh lord that wiry warrior physique just makes me want to see him naked and moaning with happiness. You just can’t get that build from any gym. It also makes me want to feed him and take good care of him when he’s here.

I can’t believe I actually made it up there after a series of misadventures made it seem impossible. It reminded me of my perpetual confusion; if you get a “sign”, how do you know you are reading it correctly? I battled through because I felt compelled for some reason, so who knows. Anyway, the dude was adorable, and he asked me to visit him in Atlanta. It made me realize that I would love to have slow romantic sex in the bed of a truck in the hot summer rain. With peaches and country music. Yeehaw. Premonition?

I love that we’ve kept in touch all this time. I’ve love love love having someone to write to. And I’m particularly well suited for long distance relationships and phone sex, if that’s where it ends up going. I need my alone and independent time. I do wish he wasn’t in combat zones so much, but I understand it. I am the warm and fuzzy surrender when you come out of a war zone, and honestly, I bet I seem way more interesting and cool from half a world away in a more restrictive environment. I imagine my mood swings are easier to deal with from a distance of 12,000 miles. Although. I am told they come through pretty vividly via my writing. Lol.

Love to all

In The Summer Rain- Belinda Carlisle
Dangerous- Big Data


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