Storm party

I can feel it coming, I can feel the stream of energy in the wind. Besides the physical storm outside, there is a hurricane of energy all around my house, and I am like a zen little dot in the middle. Trying to keep a light on in the midst of darkness. All things considered, I feel pretty damn good. I realized that I am still not doing what I need to, which is to be thankful and grateful for the lessons I’ve learned, no matter how uncomfortable they have been sometimes.

Now it’s time to pull on something cozy and take my art supplies over to my friend’s house. We’re getting a lesson on how to make hard cider, and I have writing projects to work on. Seriously, I just need space to work, and I can handle anything else life throws at me. Studio space is the ultimate luxury because all art is therapeutic to an artist. And tonight, by god, there will be art. And dancing. I will let the wild winds blow in something new and inspiring.

I decided that I am starting my own business,  one that actually will work for me- it makes me feel so much better! Yay! I have the business plan tentatively written (in my noggin), the logo designed, and there’s zero overhead plus I won’t have to work for someone else- perfect! I wonder if I can acquire some of those silly green pieces of paper that people get so excited about…


Don’t Cha- Pussycat Dolls

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3 Responses to Storm party

  1. Pussy Cat Dolls…?
    Seriously? Shocker. …have fun, stay young. ..don’t get married. 🙂


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