Make your crazy work for you

Reading the news is a sobering experience. What a mess, and how crappy that the media focuses so much on the negative and sensational- it seems like it encourages more of the same. I know it’s all complicated issues, but I feel like none of them will get better until there’s more of a focus on mental health, so that will take a while.

I feel like I am way ahead of the game in a lot of ways since I had so many years of therapy. I’m quite familiar with my shadow side and I know exactly how and why I react to things. I think I’m also up to three years without medication now. I’m so incredibly thankful to not be dependent on pills that merely made life more complicated and much harder. On the other hand, they did help a lot at different points. SSRI’s were the best, but they couldn’t fix the evil that humans do. No pill can help process and cope with that.

We could call it grandiose thinking, but I wish I could make my crazy come up with some more effective ideas for changing the world for the better. There still isn’t much of a demand for my dream job of International Art Therapist, even though there’s a huge need for it.

Shotgun Rider- Tim McGraw
Superstition- Stevie Wonder
Take It Off- Kesha
Maybe Tomorrow- Stereophonics

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