Great expectations

So I have a habit of ignoring my phone for long periods of time. It’s lovely. I feel like answering it would give people unrealistic expectations. My ex randomly texted me Saturday night, but I didn’t get the messages until morning. The first text was asking if I’d seen the movie Nymphomaniac (no, and I don’t appreciate the question), followed by another asking if we can be civil. That means me only saying things he wants to hear, so no.

It’s extra irritating because I’m sexual because sex is wonderful and life affirming with the right person.  It took years of work and agony and bad mistakes before I even came close to healthy sexuality, and it’s still challenging most times. Trust an ignorant dude  to place a label so flippantly. Then he blocked my number again but now it’s buzzing with new messages. Oh man, leave me alone, I got shit to do, and I don’t have time for this. I have sex toys for exactly that reason. Oh wait. Not quite exactly. Lmao.

Somebody’s Knockin- Terry Gibb
Sex As  Weapon- Pat Benatar

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