Riding into the sunset

Now that we’re coming up to the end of the Year of the Horse, all I can say is “phew” *wiping sweat off brow*. I have utter faith that humans can do better this year. Imagine a fuzzy little baby sheep about to appear in your world. How do you nurture it and encourage it to grow? How about we treat each other the same way? I want to see more happy humans and tons more warm and fuzzy things to happen. I know there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way, but the question always is – how do we teach love and healthy happiness to desperate people who won’t hesitate to hurt or kill? And not to be sexist, but it seems to be mainly men perpetuating the violence. Perhaps that’s an oversimplification. Hmmm. I wish I could bake enough cake to woo people out of anger and war. It would take tons of sugar and I could call it a peace of cake. omgroflmao. Then we could all lie around in a cuddle puddle with fuzzy blankets and read books- perfect! Bring on the Year of the Sheep!

Hold On, We’re Going Home- Drake
Queen of the Broken Hearts- Loverboy
Bruises- Chairlift
Dancing On My Own- Robyn
A Light That Never Comes- Linkin Park


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