Every once in a while I get a rush of gratitude that I’m not doing industrial roofing anymore. It was pretty interesting for a while, but then I was just over it.  But I do remember how it was glorious to strip off the work clothes and layers of petroleum and grime at the end of the day, to slip into something super girly. Working with crazy dudes on a tall black roof in 100 degree weather and having to wear full protective gear because the roofing material is over 500 degrees- it was an exercise in finding my zen inner warrior. And apparently the warrior prefers to stay grounded.

I feel a little too grounded now. Reality is humbling, challenging, and never as warm and loving as I would prefer. I see social awareness rising though, and I hope the momentum keeps going. Different views of women, war, weed, and mental health- those are the big changes we need. IMHO, lol.

I feel like running off somewhere quiet so I can just write for a few weeks in peace, and I’m not sure how to make that happen or if it’s even possible. The stories are stacking up in my brain, and I have to keep grounding myself in this reality- painful and bumpy as it is. Oh well; at least I’m not 20 stories up with hazardous chemicals and ex-cons who joke about raping me and breaking into my house.  What insanity that whole time period was- hella fun in a lot of ways though. I hear the roofers still talk about me, and it’s funny to run into them here and there. Yay for no more gnarly ladders from hell.

I Will Remember You- Sarah McLaughlin
Make Me Lose Control- Eric Carmen

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