Or not.

This is me squealing with excitement over getting to Skype with my British friend. Gotta love the technology that lets you video chat with someone on the other side of the world- sweet! Damn, he’s adorable. I love that we are establishing what looks like a fun and mutually supportive friendship, and who knows if anything else will ever happen, but I appreciate that in immeasurable ways.

I gave up on dating- I really want someone that I can be friends with first and foremost, always. Then if it does turn into romance, there’s a solid foundation. Dating is hell anyway. Although, there has been a lot of comedy in the process, and some fantastic sex. Mostly it’s just torture- like an interview for a job you aren’t sure you want. Or like a job that they would never even consider you for, even though you might really be the best fit for the position. Or not. lmfao

Happy Pills- Norah Jones

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