Read you like a book

I ran into an ex boyfriend at the gym tonight- I don’t have that many, and it’s lovely to run into the nice ones. Ex-one-night-stands, well, that’s a whole other story. I’m not into triple digits (even if you count the women as well) but certainly well into double.

I read somewhere about how there are a few times in life when a person’s soul is exposed, when they are most likely to be authentically themselves. One of those times is during sex. I think it’s true too. What turns you on, how you respond to stimuli- if you psychoanalyze it, you can learn a ton about someone through their sexuality and how they express it. I knew early on that my intuition markers were off, and I prefer to know right away if someone is going to be lame or creepy, or whatever. So I would seduce and see how fast I could get a dude into bed. Then I realized that most men are like a poorly written book- you only want to read it once, and never again. A few weren’t even as good as a book, and rather more like a magazine, because just like me, they had issues. Sorry, couldn’t resist. roflmao


Oh L’amour- Erasure

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One Response to Read you like a book

  1. Divided Mind says:

    Good post. I agree, sex isn’t just “materialistic” (although it can be…lol) but it can be more “intimate”…in which case, more than the “body” is exposed.


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