The feedback loop

I was all nervous about the artist’s response to the article I wrote about his work. I loved his paintings, but our exchanges were awkward and uncomfortable. He said straight up that he is bitter and angry, and I do understand. It was a little intimidating working on what to say though. In the end, I wasn’t happy with how the article came out, but I put so much time into it, I just finally had to stop messing with it, and send it to my editor for review.

The dude emailed me today, saying that he enjoyed it, and it was one of the better ones that he’s seen (and he said there’s been a lot of them). I’ll take that response, quite happily. Considering that his art is in permanent collections in lots of museums, and he’s been written about a lot by huge publications- yay! It was the boost I needed to make it through the discomfort of my corporate crap job.

Then I sat in the sauna and did an emergency run for hot chocolate. So oh yeah, you know what’s coming now…some funk and stretching. Love to all

Everyone’s A Winner- Hot Chocolate
Tear the Roof Off- George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

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