Zoolander 2

It’s pretty simple and dumb humor, but the first one was hysterical, and even though it sounds funny, it helped me break up with my fiance. I realized that although he had model good looks (other women could get evil, which was interesting and depressing), we only ever talked about gear and money. We had a great time and never had a fight in the years we were together, but in the end I had to exit. He couldn’t handle my depression. I still have misgivings about putting anyone through it. It’s hell for me, and those who have no experience or understanding, or urge to try- it will end badly. With Jeff, it ended quietly, and totally for the best. He was wonderful in a lot of ways though, and honest and good down to the bone. But I want someone who has humanity as their highest goal, not money.

Damn, my wedding dress was gorgeous though. Simple, elegant, non-constricting, Grace Kelly-esque. Talk about not meant to be. At least that one hot doctor saw me in it at Halloween, surrounded by epic amounts of cake at my art show- that was totally meant to be.


Not Meant To Be- Theory of a Deadman
Don’t You Want Me- Human League

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