Perpetual rush

I only have one friend that I can bear to hear say the term “manic” or “depressed,” without it feeling like a stab to the heart. Otherwise it’s usually derogatory, harsh, and backed by a lack of understanding, so I get irritated when people use the words without knowing what they mean. Being bipolar is often used as an insult, and seriously, how many bad guys in the movies are called crazy, insane, depressed, etc? All of them. People can’t distinguish between that and the artsy bipolar who is happy one day, and crashed out other days.

There are always reasons for my mood changes, but really I’m just an emotional being, sensitive to the world that I inhabit. I think it’s a difficult gift, but I experienced relentless bullying for many years, so I dislike how emotions make me vulnerable to certain types of people. And people can be completely evil and stupid about mental illness- or any perceived difference, making it much worse and much harder to deal with. I wish more people got a rush out of being good, instead of being bad.


Time Stand Still- Rush

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4 Responses to Perpetual rush

  1. lilypup says:

    There is a big overuse of the term “bipolar” today. EVERYONE bad is bipolar…it’s so ridiculous. I am bipolar and am not a bad person at all. (Well, okay, I had a few manic times…) But seriously, they need to lay off and go pick on someone else.


  2. lilypup says:

    I didn’t realize you followed me…thanks!


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