Write it out

I get to go on an out-of-town writing assignment this week, and I may have a heart attack from excitement. My editor can get press passes for the exhibits I am going to review, and holy shit- best work ever! A few museums, a relaxed road trip, some time out of town, and getting paid to write and go look at art, hmmm. Yup, pretty much perfect. Well, if I could do this work as a primary source of income and quit my corporate crap job, that would be even better, but baby steps. I wasn’t even supposed to live this long, so I’m humbled and grateful to have any dreams come true. At all.

Which reminds me- it’s horrific that when things happen, people with mental illnesses get the worst treatment on the news. Like that kid who was struggling and his female friend told him to kill himself. The media report that I read sounded like they were excusing her by saying dismissively that oh well, he’d been suicidal and threatening to kill himself before. Really? So he’s been having a hard time and calling out for help for a while, and that was your response? Crap, we still have a lonnnnnng ways to go on how humans treat mental health and mental illness. How about let’s start with basic human decency for all, follow it up with good manners, and go from there.

Love to all

Unkind- Sloan
X Amount of Words- Blue October

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