Cheyenne love song

I kept expecting Indians to ride up over the ridge as I was driving. This whole area feels soaked in history, like every rock has a memory of everything that came before. Or maybe I’m just emotional because I haven’t really slept in days and I’m not sure I can now. I even had a beer and a long walk around Cheyenne, which I adore. Too bad the weather is so harsh here; houses are still  affordable.
Perhaps it’s just the song, and the lure of a smaller town. I love some things about the city, but I wish I didn’t have to live in one. It’s only because it’s where the jobs and resources are. Someday…

Someday – Concrete Blonde
Beaches of Cheyenne – Garth Brooks, and this is the one- don’t say I didn’t warn you – and only listen to his version, it’s the best!
Cheyenne – Jason Derulo. Sorry, it’s horrible but on the radio a lot.

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