I know that people don’t change, no matter how much we want them to, or how we encourage them to see things from another perspective without their blinders on. Even if you’ve been hurt beyond what you thought you could endure, that doesn’t mean build walls to block out potential pain. I so get it though. Oh god do I ever get it. I wish I could build walls, but it’s just me, raw and open to the wild universe. Cursing my lack of solid career path and how it lands me in these weird employment situations.

That stupid saying about “misery loves company” must be written about people like my co-worker. It’s depressing to see how much enjoyment some people get out of malicious and vindictive behavior. So many live that way, in anger and fear, attacking anyone they can in order to make themselves feel better. Like seeing someone more vulnerable and wounded makes them feel like a bigger person.  My coworker was so cruel to someone that the woman walked out the door and collapsed – and she was a strong, amazing woman. I had to call the emergency medical team – while the evil bitch walked away complaining about her own anxiety. I was high to think that compassion and love could open up the heart of someone like that. Dammit. Score for today: Assholes- 7, Warm and Fuzzy- 0.


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