Romance in the air

It’s a celebration of love and sugar, so of course I love Valentine’s Day. I ignore the commercialism, the glut of fake emotion, the pressure and expectations of the day, and focus on what I consider to be a day to celebrate the goddess Venus, the sacred feminine, the messy and wonderful emotions of love and affection. I’d prefer if it was more than one day per year, but we’ll start with whatever.

Then there’s the dinner reservations and all of those dressed up dates with nervous laughs and sweaty hands. The proposals, the romantic activities happening everywhere. Most of all, I love that so many people are having warm and fuzzy evenings and hot sex afterwards, hopefully. It seems like a glorious burst of happy energy to put forth into the world and I completely encourage it.

I’m going to make a little warm and fuzzy magic, do a little baking, and send some love out into the universe.  I feel so much better and I think I know what it is: I’ve been using my light box religiously, taking vitamin D, plus 5-HTP and a multi vitamin, in addition to allergy medication -even though I don’t take them every day because I hate taking pills after so many years of being forced to. In combination with the exercise and eating right and with more hope on the horizon, I feel a super hero rush of energy and I think that after all these years, I finally truly feel baseline myself again. What a wild ride.

Love to all


Stuck on A Feeling – Prince Royce
Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart – Marc Almond



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