Zen as hell

So it was art night at my house tonight- I finally got to see someone using oil paints – and I noticed that my color palette has completely changed.  For a long time it was  primarily shades of blue and black – when I was lost at sea, lost in space, just wrecked out alone in the universe. Depression (that time) was kind of like that scene from the movie “The Perfect Storm” when Mark Wahlberg is floating alone in the ocean – and it showed on a lot of my paintings. Now it’s warm shades of chocolate and rose, with a side of creamy french vanilla, perhaps a little turquoise to make things pop. I’m currently in love with turquoise, and back in love with sepia tones.

How wonderful to see the elements of my recovery through the representation on canvas. Art is so wonderful for healing. I honestly suck at painting, but holy crap I adore it. Sometimes I need to express things in ways that I don’t have words for. And it’s interesting to look back at the things I’ve painted when I was cycling really hard, or at different ends of the spectrum. Pretty glad that I threw out the “Rape Cake” painting though. It doesn’t match my decor, and I’m a huge believer in a therapeutic environment. You have to decorate for the mood you want to always have, and for me that’s stable happy positive, not matter what storm is going on around me. Or over me, through me, blowing up my boat whatever. I am the fucking ocean, I am zen as hell. I’ll be over here painting it. Ooo, since my giant photo of the Lady Washington died in the fire, I think I should paint some tall ships. Steampunk ones but with happy pink sails. Perfect.


Sailing On The Seven Seas – OMD


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