Candy from strangers

I was out on another writing assignment today, and while I was standing around waiting for the event to start, I see this gorgeous woman walking towards me. She was wearing a classic red dress with 40’s pinup style, super sassy shoes, and a white wool coat. It was gorgeous, and I told her she looked fabulous. Her whole face lit up, it was beautiful to see. We started talking, it was a gorgeous sunshiny day, and what a fun random connection with a stranger. Before she walked away to go to her “Galentine’s Day” party, she opened her bag and pulled out a cute little box of chocolate and handed it to me “Here you go, have a great day!” And off she went. I took it as a sign from the universe that I’m doing well. The other day a random Tibetan man gave me a foot massage and then walked away, and now beautiful strangers are giving me chocolate. Hell yes I take candy from strangers, when it’s hand-crafted artisan chocolate.


True Love – Glenn Frey
You Can’t Run From Love – Eddie Rabbit (overheard in the speakers at an amazing BBQ place)


That’s amore

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