Everything plastic is compromised

That’s four words that changed my life. One big fire, one helpful cleaning service trying to salvage things for me, and one short statement that really made me think about things in a different way; how much of what we own is made of plastic? Way too much. That includes my two kayaks, my adored bent shaft offset paddle, my drysuit, and a large amount of art supplies. Everything else smells horrible and/or was soaking wet and/or molding, rusting, and otherwise in various states of wreckage. Thank goodness I worry a lot; I had a hefty insurance policy on all of it. Still though, it’s humbling to see most everything you own in a big, soot-covered pile.I cried and saved things I shouldn’t have, and let go of a lot that I didn’t want to, like all of my teaching books, my Montessori guidebook, and huge, beautiful art books.

Oh well, having too much stuff isn’t good for you. I feel much lighter, albeit rather traumatized. I had to spend four hours going through things and making a list. It’s pretty amazing that my insurance company had a cleaning company come out, pack all my shit in a truck, and haul it off to a warehouse for sorting and cleaning. Now the remnants are going to sit in an ozone chamber for days to get the smell out. I wish they could park my car in there too; it smells awful after hauling things around. The fire burned all kinds of toxic things, so the smoke was super toxic and corrosive.

What an interesting experience it’s been, and those four words completely inspire me to keep asking the question: What would people do if everything plastic was compromised? I think I need to write a story about it. And last but not least, I am super irritated that I lost my huge bag of naughty adult toys, but grateful that I could discreetly throw them away before the cleaning company came out. The sorters were already scandalized by my erotic art books. Oops.


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3 Responses to Everything plastic is compromised

  1. denisavn says:

    To be honest, now that you made me think about, there is plastic in a looooot of stuff we use on a daily basis. But I do think we would find something to replace it with, it is human nature to adapt after all


  2. To be honest, its a wonderful material. It can be used in a multitude of ways. If my kayaks were not plastic I would break one a month. Problem is that we take it for granted. We waist it on criminal level for silly things.
    We have also had big fires around here as of late and I know exactly what you are talking about, the smell afterwards is the worst. It wont let you forget or move on. Dan


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