The sound of your heart beating

I used to want to get married in the library downtown, or the rare book room at Powell’s Books. Or out in the woods somewhere, maybe by a river. Then I actually almost got married at a sweet little Episcopal church in Anacortes near a harbor full of sailboats – “Just Married” would have been fun hanging off the back of the cabin cruiser on the way to Port Townsend. Totally gorgeous and poetic, and it was my parents’ church, so perfect for the community celebration and presentation as a couple. Now I realize that I’ll likely never get married, what a challenging blessing it is to be single, and screw social convention. I’m a Libra, I’m better in a relationship, but it’s too hard to find the right one so I’ll manage on my own. Having worked in the wedding industry for so long doing cake decorating I just love weddings, love all the zillion different versions of how people commit to one another.

Hmmm I think  the best wedding would be on a volcano, as a symbol of how completely mind blowing and off the hook life can be, and how you have to stay optimistic and flexible. Holy crap the things life can throw at you.

Mantra today: Always train for peak condition, be kind, and as always – go for style points.


Sound of Your Heart -Shawn Hook

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