Lunchtime kisses

The dude was working down the street from the hospital, so he came over for lunch. It’s cute that he thinks he has a chance, but I’m in such a completely different place than where he is. Luckily he’s completely oblivious – I rarely even have much time to say anything because he dominates the conversations. He’s nice enough, and I love his truck and his dog, but nope, not gonna happen. Why bother if it’s someone I can only have conversation with if I’m stoned into incoherence? Borrrrrrring. I mean, I do love him because I love most everyone, but that doesn’t mean we’d be a good romantic combination. He’s just a fun book to read for a little while.

I did pounce on him in the elevator though, that was funny as hell. Men are so easy, and that was a totally flattering response. I love kissing with someone who’s good at it.Teasing is fun, and there’s a lot of entertainment in the pleasure of anticipation. Even if that’s all he’s ever going to get. I bet we looked adorable together though – him with a hard hat and those jeans, me in heels and a dress. Sometimes I wish I could settle, because the kind of guy I want (an astronaut) is never going to accept me anyway. Yup, single forever.  Oh well, I have a lot more freedom and fun that way. Marriage is only one more institution, and I’m done with those.

Young, Free, and Single – Boney M


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